Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wedding Bar Menu - watercolor 11 x 17 inches

A great way to add some fun color and express your personality with the addition of customized art, this one of a kind wedding bar menu done in watercolor on an 11x17 inch sheet of watercolor paper was an easy breezy way for the bride to show her guests she was ready to throw the reception of the year!

New Etsy store, Luvscar

Please visit my new Etsy store to view one of a kind watercolor artwork for weddings and more!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Logo design for local wardrobe consultant and stylist, Natalie Hughes.  Please visit Natalie's blog for the latest fashion tips and more, at www.nataliesstylenook.wordpress.com

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Baby's First Year

My little one's first birthday is coming up!  It's amazing how fast things go by when you are a new mom on the go...from walks at the beach with her strapped to me in the baby carrier, to rolling, crawling, laughing, babbling, and growing up before my very eyes.  It is a whirlwind I never could have imagined!  We are so blessed to be the proud parents of our sweet little bear.

Looking forward to creating her Baby Map for the 1st year milestones!  Stay tuned...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moment Maps - Custom illustrated maps

Moment Maps
Please let me know if you are interested in discussing a custom Moment Map for your wedding, baby's birth story, family history, an anniversary gift, and anything else you would like to capture the moment in on paper!  Make your moment a Customized work of art to keep forever:)  These are a great way to mail Save the Dates, frame for a special someone, or print as a handout for your event.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weddings in a Designer's Paradise

It seems these days that all my good friends are getting married, and I just happen to be thinking about all the fun designs just waiting to be created. California during the Summer and Fall is simply wonderful. The mountains hold endless trails full of wild flowers, sandy-tall grass, and towering pines. With wedding time just around the corner,I have been looking for inspiration all around. April and May will bring out cheery brides bubbling with excitement, yellow and pink flower arrangements, tables cards neatly signed and decorated, and lots of beautiful invitations. I am looking forward to all the designing and printing to come.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

R.S.V.P. in Solvang now selling AmyLong designs

Wedding invitations, custom stationery, and lots of customer care, Rani Hoover, owner of RSVP will take care of you until your order is out the door and in your hands. I am lucky to have met Rani and visited RSVP in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. Rani is now showing Amy Long designs custom designed stationery and wedding maps. Please visit if you are in the valley!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Peach-Press cards Now Selling in the Valley!

I am so pleased to announce that my first line of Peach-Press letterpressed cards have been picked up by a small boutique in Santa Ynez Valley. The privately owned store, Heaven Scent, is located in the cute streets of Santa Ynez. Heaven Scent offers beautifully designed clothing from lounge wear to yoga wear, and dresses for weekend fun in the sun! Owner, Maggie Winther brings her top of the line fashion styles and more to the Valley after growing up in Santa Monica and finding her love for the wine country in the delightful town...."Perhaps the greatest treasure is the darling shop owner, Maggie Winther, who had a vision to bring the finer things to our small town and save us a trip to Fred Segal!"

She carries wonderful scented candles, soaps, skin care lines, jewelry such as Dogeared necklaces and more! Please go visit us all on your next trip to the wine country.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Custom wedding maps!

Design your own wedding map! These custom designs are for the bride and groom to include in their invitation package, or simply hold onto as an art piece. Captures the big day location with all the special little moments leading up to it.

Wedding Invitations

Many who know me, know that I work weekends, occasionally designing wedding invitations, social invites, or custom design jobs for friends and family. I love nothing more than working with excited brides in designing the perfect wedding invitation package for their "Big Day!" As an illustrator at heart, my passion is drawing, and custom work, my specialty. I have a small collection now of wedding invitations to share. Please feel free to contact me should you know of someone getting married and looking for their own customized wedding invitation!

Why I use Crane & Co.'s 100% Cotton Paper

Everyone is going green- a green wave has swept the world! Green this, green that. Green businesses left and right. I thought I should let you know that our Peach-Press Letterpressed Stationery is my number 1 choice for making stationery.

Copy and paste the link below to see the 7 reasons why Crane & Co. is superior and green: http://www.crane.com/navcontentproduct.aspx?navname=etiquette_tips&deptname=whycotton&name=whycotton_7reasons

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Letterpressed Stationery for Valentine's Day

Friends and family,

Many of you know I finally started designing and printing letterpressed stationery. Just recently in LA where our "Peach" press lives, I printed for 10 hours straight. The result is beautifully handmade stationery on the finest quality 100% cotton paper. Below you will see fold-over notes to send your friends, loved ones, or just for any old occasion. I have dreamed about this since I was a little girl, and now I am happy to share my work with you. Please enjoy!

Kind regards,

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The Roses

$4.50 each
$15.00 / pack of 4 cards - saves $3.00 off singles

These fold-over notes are sweet and simple. "The Roses" is actually a design of 2 sets of roses. 1 set is actually blind embossed and uses no ink. Here, the green roses pop wonderfully, but just to the left the embossed roses hide, adding a unique surprise and touch! Use these cards as your stationery for all occasions, and just to send a note whenever the need arises!
$15.00 / pack of 4 cards - saves $3.00 off singles
$15.00 / pack of 4 cards - saves $3.00 off singles
$15.00 / pack of 4 cards - saves $3.00 off singles
$15.00 / pack 4 cards - Saves $3.00 off singles
$15 / pack 4 cards - saves $3.00 off singles